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When a dude doesn’t claim TMG 

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I hate tumblr mobile so much, man

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endlessyuji replied to your post: This is gonna sound pretty bad I know …


…and not a choking hazard when I’m constantly moving and bending down for hours

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This is gonna sound pretty bad I know but I really wish I had something to suck on during my shift at work, lol

like candy that won’t dissolve and gum that wont go bad/lose flavor

that kind of thing.

I’m seriously freaking out about my mom flat ironing my little sister’s hair and seeing how long it is

and she’s gonna take her to get her hair trimmed tomorrow

I wish I could go lol




how does she do that? sooo beautiful

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and they finally restocked on my favorite liquid eye liner so please believe I bought two of them this time

Title: Bubblegum K.K.
Artist: K.K. Slider


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my only regret in life is letting a nigga make me question my beauty and greatness. 

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