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Oh these pies aren’t homemade, they were made in a factory.
A bomb factory.
They’re bombs.


Oh these pies aren’t homemade, they were made in a factory.

A bomb factory.

They’re bombs.

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Anonymous : You're over there talking about not wanting to be disrespectful in your brother's bed, and then you go and make spider-man eat your ass?

If you really think about it, I’m just sitting on bed without pants on and I’m constantly moving

really isn’t disrespectful in that light at all, lmfao


Puppy and cat stare down


Puppy and cat stare down



my favourite thing about tumblr is there is not one mention of sports

Honestly YES!

who the fuck are you following lmfao

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The Amazing Spiderman eat ass!
Tune in 8pm/9c for this special episode


how are all these celebrity nudes getting leaked but the krabby patty formula still safe

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I went over my friend’s house today and his older sister was openly scrolling on her [tumblr] dash

which was totally clean and non-nudity and all fashion and beyonce and etc
definitely nothing to be ashamed of when opening ya dash in public places

she asked me if I had one and I told her I ain’t even know what tumblr was.

garrusdatingsimulator : related cat anecdote: my brother coddles and spoils his cat and even though she was really tiny she randomly sunk her teeth into my hand when i was petting her. she wasn't growling or hissing or anything, she just bit me, hard, and it stung and bled and it's been like three months and the scar isn't healed... and my brother yelled at me for it :') cats are cool but... i've already been hurt far more by them than dogs





right lol 

cats just.. tend to be more aggressive in general too like. i have pretty good luck w cats but all my friends whove owned cats have been bitten or scratched badly by them at some point. dog owners mostly get bitten in the puppy stage and then thats it

Lol shut up. Not every cat is like that. I’ve gotten attacked by a dog unprovoked & it fuckin sucked. I loved that dog but man. I won’t sit here & talk shit about dogs all day long.


not all cats 

im laughing so insanely hard

okay, logical point. hahahahaha. but what, you dont normally live at home thus not having your own room, or?

yes! I just moved back home (my mommy missed me) and I’m chilling here until I can uh… decided where/how I wanna live

ωιѕнℓιѕт ☆